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Louis Status

Louis currently contains a highly competent OQL parser/transformer. Our OQL implementation has been extended with Data Manipulation Language elements (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) and advanced mapping features such as hiding VARCHAR contra CLOB usage. Advanced trigger generation for enforcing referential integrity in conjunction with inheritance mapping, and multi-hop navigation, have also been successfully addressed.

Louis Roadmap

March 2004

J2EE DataSource
Today, Louis connections are obtained in a somewhat non-standard manner. In the current quarter, a true J2EE DataSource will be added.

June 2004

Basic schema migration capabilities
Louis has been architected to support live, staged schema migration. Implementing these capabilities will be a major priority for the remainder of 2004. The first set of capabilities, to be added in the second quarter, will include adding, renaming and dropping attributes.

Context sensitive mapping editor
Changes to the generated default mapping are currently made using a generic UML editor. This specialized editor will simplify the process of making changes of that type.

December 2004

Elaborated schema migration.
These extensions will include mapping of stored procedures, functions, and triggers so that they can be defined in OO terms in the object model.


"Hot" schema migration
This will allow seamless staged migration during live system production.

Integrated OQL-based rule system