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Peer Törngren

Architect & Developer

I designed and built most of  the UML-related parts in the Frameworx project, including the UML profile and the wrapping layer on top of MDR (the Meta Data Repository), and the model processors (the "model manager") that is part of Louis. In addition to this, I am/was the architect for the Frameworx Factory (the IDE for the Frameworx application platform), and built large parts of it. Besides the UML/MDR-based model processing tools, I also built a Universal File system (a combination of java.io.File and java.net.URI with pluggable back-ends), a multi-layered preference/settings mechanism, a Clear-Case integration, and some other bits and pieces.

For a full bio, please refer to http://www.p2r.se/professional/cv/introAndCV.htm.

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